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Refund Policy

1. Recompense can be raised for 15 days after the delivery of final output.

2. I Where the client 15 days later on dissatisfied with quality, they will pay a 30% and 50% fee to further ascertain errors and redrafting (The 30% and 50% is highly dependable on the file time).

3. Recompense proviso only applies to Group A/Superb and B/High-Quality audio file recordings.

4. We sponsor a further quality multi-checking process which determines the outcome of the recompense application.

5. The recompense application receives approval when the multi-phased quality checking is unsuccessful. A revised copy should be sent.

6. Recompense does not cover Incomprehensible audio files or Rush Ordered Output.

7. Also re-work is not applicable. We do not pledge for reliance accuracy for Rush ordered output or Incomprehensible audio recordings.

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